Easy excursions

Sentiero delle pecore (the path of sheeps)

The walk leads to Rosengarten-Campo di Dio, with a view on the crags of Larsec: a very exciting experience!

Moena – Peniola

An easy walk which will be of great fun to the most well-trained, as well as to beginner excursionists: a beautiful mountain path on a paved road (except for possible detours).

Moena – Soraga

You will get a beautiful view of Val di Fassas Dolomites. The walk is quite easy, also with pushchairs (although daddy will need to be in training).

Passo San Pellegrino – Passo Selle – Pozza di Fassa

In the heart of Dolomites, far from the crowd, with truly wild views, passing the front line of World War I.

Hard excursions

Catinaccio and tour of Roda di Vael

Starting from Moena and following the first part of the river Rio Costalunga, the walk takes place in the middle of centuries-old conifer woods. In the second part of the excursion you enter the Dolomites area, where a chair lift will carry you at a high altitude. The plain walk goes round Roda di Vael, ending down at Passo di Costalunga, so that you can go back in time for dinner.

Alpe Lusia and tour of Cima Bocche

A wide landscape and the ruins of World War I trenches are the most distinctive features of this highly evocative path. Up there, you will realize how soldiers actually had to live during the two years they have spent on the top of these mountains, surrounded by the dolomitic landscape. The weather used to be extremely cold, especially in the winter, and survival equipments were far more rudimentary than modern ones. This tour, stretching out to the park of Paneveggio/Pale di San Martino, is definitely less crowded than the previous one.

The 3 strong points of Laurino Hotel

  •  you will start your holiday with a smile on your face: Lorenzo and the others are going to give you a warm welcome, making you feel as cuddled as possible;
  • the hotel is not far from the old town centre of Moena “Fata delle Dolomiti” (the fairy of Dolomites);
  • the staffs traditional costumes make the atmosphere of the restaurant even more magic.

Book in advance

Book a week or more during any period 90 days in advance to receive a 10% discount (offer limited to number of available rooms) – excluding classic rooms from 20-27 July and 25 August – 14 September.

Non-skiers special

For those who prefer long walks in the forest, contemplating the natural beauty, Val di Fassa gives you… the Dolomites!

Kids Special!

What could be better than a week’s holiday with your family? Saving a little bit too!

Summer offers

Guests staying for a week = book 7 nights and only pay 6! That’s right: 7 nights for the price of 6, don’t miss out on this incredible offer in June and September, come to Val di Fassa! We’re awaiting you at the Hotel Laurino in Moena.